Injuries, conditions or diseases that affect the bones, muscle, ligaments and joint structure are within the medical field of orthopedics. Orthopedic physiotherapy is the most common area associated with this profession as it encompasses sports injuries, joint wear and tear and common mobility maladies as well as minor and major trauma, post surgical conditions and congenital disorders.

Access at Home Physiotherapy provides pre and post operative care for clients with joint replacements. The stronger the muscles are going into joint surgery, the easier the post operative course. Before a joint requires replacement, it takes years of wear and tear also resulting in soft tissue (muscle and ligament) adaptation, poor gait patterns and muscle imbalances that don't immediately disappear immediately the joint in replaced; extensive rehabilitation may be required before full potential is achieved.   Many clients prefer to work one on one post operatively at home rather than attend classes as an outpatient clinic as they find the journey to and from the hospital challenging and frequently negates the benefit gained by the class; some feel they are more committed to their program when they have someone “checking up on them at home” and seeing them in their actual environment. Others manage fine for several months then notice a slight decline or plateau in their progression  and would like a “refresher” ensure they have reached their maximum potential are at their optimal functional level. 

Orthopedic trauma from car accidents, falls, sporting accidents and arthritic changes are common reasons for referral.

Whatever the pathology, orthopedic injuries require expertise to advise the client on mobility issues; appropriate and specific exercise required to strengthen, lengthen, and stabilize affected muscle. Treatment options could include electrotherapy, such as TENS, Ultra Sound or Acupuncture; therapeutic programs generally include strengthening/stretching exercise, functional training for walking or activities of daily living, pool therapy, manual therapy for joint mobilization, balance retraining and aerobic reconditioning. All can be done outside a clinical setting.

AAHPT physiotherapists are always promoting and encouraging self management and independence and working collaboratively with your health care team to help and guide you through the rehabilitation process so you can return to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible.


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